Who Is Mama June New Boyfriend?

Mother June New Boyfriend! Mom June distinction June Shannon is reputed to date a 24-year-old person named Jordan McCollum. After parting ways with Geno Doak, Shannon is currently in the information for her most recent relationship. June Shannon is a famous American character well known for her association in actuality TV. She is Publicly famous as Mama June. On 10, August 1979 June was brought into the world to guardians Sandra Hundley and Marvin Shannon at McIntyre, Georgia. June’s folks split up when she was just two years of age. She has three siblings: Joanne “Doe-Doe” Shannon, Joanie Shannon, James Edward Shannon, and her half-two sisters, Michelle Shannon and Nicole Shannon.

In light of the untreated kids’ covering, June isn’t lawfully perceived. Shannon became pregnant with her first little girl. At 14 years old, she introduced the world to girl Anna only a couple of days after her fifteenth birthday celebration. She exited school when she was pregnant; however, later got her GED.

Shannon was first acquainted with a U.S. crowd. For its appearance on the TLC Toddlers and Tiar. June and Alana initially showed up together in the scene Precious Moments Pageant 2011, which debuted on January 4, 2012, even though recording the scene occurred in 2011. The mother and girl were consistently on the show, which gave watchers behind the scenes watching the universe of rivalry. As a grown-up, June combat with stoutness, weighing as much as 1,600 pounds. She accordingly went through a bariatric medical procedure, eliminated part of her mid-region as a component of sleeve gastrectomy, in 2016 and allegedly lost more than 300 pounds because of this medical procedure and taking care of and preparing program, Kenya Crooks.

Mom June New Boyfriend

As per her posts and answers via online media stages, it can guarantee that Mama June New Boyfriend is Tik Tok star Jordan McCollum. A 24-year-old Jordan and 42-year-old Shannon had leased a home in Alabama, and furthermore, Shannon had purchased two vehicles for Jordan, following her split from Geno, 45. Jordan is a single parent of a youthful girl. Shannon anxiously needs to uncover her relationship. However, Jordan needs security in his life.

June set up associations with men who might later force with lewd behavior. Her girls Jessica and Lauryn were brought into the world to Michael Anthony Ford. He momentarily refers to Mark McDaniel, who was seen as blameworthy for maltreating Anna, and Lauryn, who he accepts was his natural dad for some time. Her most youthful girl, Alana, was brought into the world in 2005 to Mike Thompson, whom she separated in June 2014. Mom June had recently been involved with Geno Doak. Doak has a criminal record, having invested energy in jail for thievery, robbery, and harm to property, and in March 2019, both were captured for ownership of medications in Alabama. Geno and Shannon separated in August this year. In a live stream, June had declared her division from Doak.

From Not to Hot

Mother June’s finished excursion of enormous change was the premise of a simple TV program, Mama June: From Not to Hot, which broadcasts on We TV. The show debuted on February 24, 2017, the zenith of a genuine TLC series Here Comes the Boo Honey. The show records the weight reduction change in June “Mom June” Shannon from 460 to 160 pounds. She went through a simple medical procedure for her vast weight reduction, and she spent $ 75,000 to work on her appearance.

On March 13, 2019, June and her sweetheart, Doak, were captured and accused of ownership of medications and medication gear at an Alabama gas station, with Geo confronting one more charge of aggressive behavior at home. Following this, the fourth season started circulating on March 27, 2020, and saw the series re-named Mama June: From Not To Hot – Crisis Family. The fifth season started circulating on March 19, 2021 and was given another name Mama June: Road to Redemption, with the title “From Not To Hot” totally removed.

Shannon is avoiding her past and presently partaking in her best minutes with her family. She rejoined with her family at her girl Lauryn’s Baby Shower. We salute them, and hopefully, her family celebrates more joyous occasions together.

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