Unique military robot anime “Armored Trooper Votoms” is now on BS12! Broadcast 4 TV series omnibus works for 5 consecutive weeks!

“Anime 26” (BS12 Twelve), which broadcasts masterpieces and topical works of old and new anime every Monday to Friday at midnight. From midnight on May 21st (Friday), a total of 5 works including the TV series omnibus of the military robot anime “Armored Trooper Votoms” set in the space war will be broadcast in HD remastered version for 5 consecutive weeks.

“Armored Trooper Votoms,” which was broadcast on the TV series from 1983 to 1984, is a work that is considered to be one of the goals in the genealogy of “real robots” starting with “Mobile Suit Gundam.” A hard-boiled world view full of military elements is enthusiastically supported, centering on humanoid weapons called armored troopers (AT). Many omnibuses and OVAs have been produced even after the end of the TV series, and in 2009, the day before the TV series was released as a movie version. The orthodox sequel was released on the OVA in the 2010s, and it has been fascinating what you see for nearly 30 years. The story is set in the Astragios galaxy, where two forces, the “Gilgames Union” and the “Balarant Alliance,” wage a 100-year war. Kiriko, a soldier of the Gilgamesh army, is chased after witnessing the top secret of the army. As he continues to flee, Kiriko gets caught up in the mystery of her birth and the enormous conspiracy over the galaxy. May 21 (Friday) broadcast “Armored Trooper Votoms Udo (HD remastered version)” Re-edited version of the TV series episodes 1 to 13. Chirico Cuvie (CV: Hozumi Goda) who was a soldier of the Gilgamesh army) Was severely tortured at the Melchia military base. He escapes with a security gap, a “false freedom” that is constantly monitored by a beacon embedded in his body. After witnessing the military’s top-secret “body”, Kiriko was destined to continue being chased by the military. Kiriko who has flowed into the city of Udo is captured by the runaway tribe “Boon Family”. They are forced to work in the Gigirium quarry, but the men who are suffering from the harsh working environment finally riot. Broadcast on May 28 (Friday) “Armored Trooper Votoms The Last Red Shoulder (HD Remastered Version)” The first Bottoms OVA that was released in theaters with a story located between Udo and Cumene. After escaping from the city of Udo, Kiriko (CV: Hozumi Goda) comes to Baccarat City in response to the invitation of her former comrade Gregoru (CV: Kiyoshi Kobayashi ). Gregory is Byman (CV: Kaneto Shiozawa ), Musa (CV: Ryusei Nakao )), And was aiming for revenge on Yoran Pailsen (CV: Chikao Ohtsuka), the founder of Red Shoulder. Kiriko thinks that Fiana (CV: Kazuko Yanaga) may be in a secret society that may be connected to Pallesen, and acts with the three with expectations. June 4 (Friday) broadcast “Armored Trooper Votoms Kumen (HD remastered version)” Re-edited version of the TV series episodes 14 to 27. Kiriko (CV: Hozumi Goda) comes to the Kingdom of Kumen, where the civil war continues, as a mercenary. However, when he underwent a physical examination at the mercenary base Assemble EX-10, a beacon embedded by the Melchia army was discovered and he was suspected of being a spy. After removing the beacon, Kiriko, who was called by General Gon Nou (CV: Tetsuaki Genda), reunited with Rochina (CV: Banjo Ginga) there. In response to a request for cooperation in regaining Rochina’s body, Kiriko and the mercenary unit of Assemble EX-10 depart for the Kangelman Palace, the base of the Holy Cumene Kingdom, which is hostile to the Cumene government. June 11 (Friday) broadcast “Armored Trooper Votoms Sansa (HD remastered version)” TV series episodes 29 to 39 omnibus. The shuttle carrying Kiriko (CV: Hozumi Goda) and Fiana (CV: Kazuko Yanaga) who escaped from Cumene was housed in an unmanned battleship by someone. Chirico and Fiana spend a resting time inside Battleship X. However, the red shoulder march rings in front of them, and the barbarism of the red shoulder is projected as an image. Kiriko suffers from her past. Eventually, an AT unit led by Ypsilon (CV: Kyonosuke Kami) approaches in front of battleship X, which crash-landed on the planet, Sansa. June 18 (Friday) Broadcast “Armored Trooper Votoms Quent (HD Remastered Version)” Kiriko (CV: Hozumi Goda) keeps the words of Rochina (CV: Banjo Ginga) to reveal all the mysteries To reach Quent. There, Kiriko reunites with Shakko (CV: Issei Masamune), who was a mercenary companion in Cumene. Kiri who visited the village of Shakko Ko hears the story of a god who appeared in Quent 3000 years ago from a village elder. Then, the AT unit of the secret society assaulted there. However, the troops wrapped in suspicious light are blown away, and Kiriko reunites with Fiana (CV: Kazuko Yanaga) and Rochina.

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