Uma Musume Crossmedia development summary of anime manga video distribution music etc Everything except the game is interesting

Sentence: Chinese cabbage Kobayashi Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a game for smartphones and PCs (DMM GAMES) that has captivated game fans with the momentum of breaking bamboo.

However, considering the background that caused the boom so far, the contents such as animation, comics, and video distribution that had been developed before the release of the game were all insanely interesting. Can’t be overlooked. This article summarizes the cross-media development of Uma Musume other than the game. For trainers who have already touched the game and have decided the horse girl in charge (or recommend), we will also introduce who is the horse girl to be trained who is particularly active in each work and content. If you have only touched the game, or if you have a work that you haven’t checked, touching these will strengthen your attachment to the horse girls and make the game even more interesting! Please read it. Anime horses daughter are active Umamusume Pretty Derby mainly

Daiwa Scarlet Vodka Gold Ship The main character is Uma Musume Special Week from Hokkaido. Aiming to be the best horse girl in Japan, she was fascinated by Silence Suzuka, who won her debut match with an overwhelming escape on the day she moved to Tresen Gakuen and eventually said, I want to run with Suzuka someday. I will hope. One of the features of this anime is that one trainer is in charge of training multiple horse girls, and the horse girls who work together under the same trainer are treated as a team. Silence Suzuka belonged to Team Rigil who discharged many famous horse girls but transferred to Team Spica because <Rigil> could not run freely as she wanted. Special Week will also be scouted by the trainer of <Spica>, and we will compete with Suzuka in this team and decide to aim for the best in Japan. As with the game scenario, while homage to historical episodes, the story that depicts the scenery that no one has seen involuntarily tears. A hot-spoken story of Special Week and Silence Suzuka’s victory and defeat, glory, and frustration will be unfolded, sprinkled with comedy elements. Distribution information (as of May 2021) Unlimited viewing on Amazon Prime Video, Bandai Channel, d anime store, etc. Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 horse daughter Tokai Teio Mejiro McQueen mainly to active
rice shower

Mihono Bourbon Biwa Hayahide Nice Nature Symboli Rudolf Vodka Daiwa Scarlet Gold Ship Special Week Tokai Teio, who aims to be an undefeated triple-crowned horse girl, and Mejiro McQueen, who takes pride in the famous family and challenges the consecutive championships of the Emperor’s Award. Focusing on these two, the anime Uma Musume The story of the world of Pretty Derby is depicted. Tokai Teio and Mejiro McQueen, who compete and encourage each other as Uma Musume belonging to the same team, will soon become aware of each other as their unique rivals. The muddy drama of the two who try to overcome the harsh fate many times is as moving as the first period of TV animation. In addition, there are plenty of highlights such as the development of the rice shower drawn in the middle stage and the activities of the unique people to which the newly appearing Nice Nature belongs. Distribution information (as of May 2021) Unlimited viewing on Amazon Prime Video, Bandai Channel, d anime store, etc. Umayon Almost all Uma Musume who are active are short animations based on the daily 4-frame manga of Uma Musume (currently discontinued), which was serialized in Cygames’ free manga distribution service Comics. You can enjoy the exchanges between horse girls in situations other than racing and training. Every day of the horse girls who have very strong personalities, only unexpected events occur and laughter is inevitable. At the same time, you will be able to relax in the friendly and friendly exchanges of the girls who got off the stage of the game. Also, three episodes will be introduced in the next notice, but it is also interesting that it is a unique format that one of the three will be broadcast. The episodes that weren’t broadcast are all intriguing titles, and I’m curious about the content. Distribution information Unlimited viewing on Bandai Channel, d anime store, etc. Comic Uma Musume Cinderella Gray. which boasts overwhelming strength, is unrivaled in that it attracts people around it and even its rivals, Uma Musume. In addition, the devilish race depiction by drawing unique to manga creates a sense of reality that is different from games and animation, and it makes me sweat when reading. The introductory Kasamatsu Hen is completed in Volume 2, and the stage is the center where some of the most talented horse girls in Japan gather-To Tresen Gakuen. On May 19, 2021, the long-awaited third volume of comics was released. STARTING GATE Uma Musume Pretty Derby Uma Musume Special Week Silence Suzuka Okka Daiwa Scarlet Tokai Teio and others The work that began serialization in Cycomics before the anime version was broadcast. The development in the early stages is reminiscent of the first period of animation, but there are many discoveries unique to the early stages of the project, such as differences in details. Also, although the early stage is reminiscent of the anime version, after that the development is completely different from the anime version. Even though it is an exhibition match in the school, there are many hot dramas such as Special Week and Silence Suzuka racing seriously, and the relationship between Vodka and Daiwa Scarlet being explored. This work was completed in all 40 episodes when Cycomics was serialized. The release of 4 volumes containing up to 26 episodes was interrupted for a while, but the other day, it was announced that 5 and 6 volumes will finally be distributed as e-books and will be completed as comics. Uma Musume Pretty Derby-Haru Urara Do your best! Umayo and 4 comical works Uma Musume has been chemicalized so far, in addition to the above 2 works Uma Musume Pretty Derby -Haru Urara Do your best! Umayon Currently Uma Musume Pretty Derby-Haru Urara Good luck! There is no way to read and Umayon. However, Haru Urara, do your best! Was able to be read for a limited time from February to March 2021, so maybe there is a chance to read it again in the future? Video distribution Pakatube! Uma Musume Gold Ship Uma Musume official YouTube channel Paka Tube! In addition to the PV of games and animation, a video series in which Gold Ship, which is in charge of promotion challenges various projects has been developed from 2018 to the present. If you think that you did a horse racing course that is useful for understanding actual horse racing, you can take a quiz or what’s inside the box? Play It seems that the strange behavior is eye-catching even in other media, the content of the challenge is diverse, and it is unpredictable what will happen. The huge archive over 3 years may be quite difficult if you want to watch it all from now on! ? Famitsu presents Uma Musume Study Group! ] A live broadcast program of Famitsu TUBE, whose main personality is Sora Tokui, who plays T.M. Opera O. Mr. Tokui will play the training scenario of the game Uma Musume while verifying various training patterns. For beginners of Uma Musume, there is a lot of information that can be used from the next training. In recent distributions, Ruriko Aoki, who played Air Groove, made a guest appearance, and Ayaka Ohashi, who played Vodka, made a guest appearance. A lot of music content is being developed for the CD and live event Uma Musume. In addition to the theme songs and insert song CDs of games and anime series, 12 works of the STARTING GATE series, which includes the theme songs and CD dramas of horse girls that had been developed before the anime broadcast, are on sale. For those who want to hear more about the songs of Uma Musume in the game, WINNING LIVE 01 released on March 17, 2021, is recommended. You can enjoy winning live songs such as the game’s opening song GIRLS’LEGEND U and Umapyoi Densetsu. In addition, live events where the cast members perform are held irregularly. Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3rd EVENT WINNING DREAM STAGE scheduled to be held on August 28th and 29th, 2021 is currently undergoing the fastest advance application on the ticket sales site E Plus.

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