These are the 10 most popular husbandos in anime

A tour of some of the most handsome male characters in history.

The anime is beautiful simply because it is a means without which we would never have known these characters became a crush so important to us.

If we had to mention the huge number of hotties we’ve seen on screen, we could spend entire days just saying their names. To save you that eternal wait and teach you what is really good, we present you this ranking with the 10 most popular husbands in the history of anime.

10. L
The glory days of Death Note are many years past, which is why it is astonishing to see new generations of viewers getting closer to its anime. But stranger than this is to notice the fascination that continues to provoke L among enthusiasts of the work created by Tsugumi Oba and Takeshi Obata because far from being a handsome man, it is a bookworm with quite disturbing mania.

9. Genos

A very different case is that of Genos, the handsome and cool android companion of Saitama, the protagonist of One Punch-Man. Although both in fiction and in real life this character has a fairly considerable group of female fans, Genos is quite indifferent about it, his only motivation being to become more powerful in order to defeat the murderer of his family.

8. Griffith

Known as one of Berserk’s main antagonists as well as one of the most powerful members of the Hand of God, Griffith was created by Kentaro Miura to represent the very image of beauty and how it can be corrupted by humans desires. We will probably never meet another being with such perfect hair, which is very good, because like Griffith no two can be alike.

7. Rohan Kishibe
This character emerged as a secondary in the fourth volume of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and since then has not stopped staring in the spin-offs of the legendary series created by Hirohiko Araki. Of all the husbands mentioned in this list, Rohan is the only one that was created using the figure of European fashion models as a base, which is why this character is almost always captured performing the most daring poses.

6. Sesshomaru
Inuyasha’s half-brother and one of the most feared demons of the feudal era could not be missing from this list either, as he is one of the most beautiful male characters in anime history. His brooding gaze invites both thought and compassion, and his lone wolf demeanor only adds to the aura of mystery that surrounds him. If a demon were to irretrievably slaughter us in the middle of the night, we wish it was Sesshoumaru.

5. Kakashi
He may seem a distracted and innocent subject, and most likely he is, but these aspects do not contradict Kakashi’s security and charisma, elements that these powerful shinobi have used to sneak into our hearts (as would be expected of all good ninja worth his salt).

4. Kaworu Nagisa
Kaworu Nagisa is the husbando par excellence … Why do we say it? Simply because this Angel has been able to be born and reborn in order to satisfy the desire for the company of Shinji, the cowardly protagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Such sacrifice has made Kaworu in the eyes of his fans the sweetest and most faithful being that has ever been able to step on the face of the Earth.

3. Kaneda
Kaneda ranks third on this list not because of his rebellious attitude, not because he rides an amazing motorcycle, not even because he is the leader of a gang of criminals. The third place goes to the protagonist of Akira because he proved to be able to go through the same apocalypse and return with just a couple of scratches just for love, unfortunately not our love, but Kai’s.

2. Killua Zoldyck
His family may be a famous clan of assassins, but Killua has shown sufficient independence from it to forge his own destiny. It is this quality, the autonomy of the character, that has fallen in love with hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. Although, of course, it is not the only aspect that Hunter x Hunter enthusiasts consider, as Killua is also attractive for his innocence, his loyalty, and those cat eyes in which the gaze can be lost for hours.

1. Kaede Rukawa
Known as the most handsome member of the Shohoku High School basketball team, Kaede Rukawa was introduced from the beginning as an introverted heartthrob. Arrogant, but sensible, silent, but intense: this is the character created by Takehiko Inoue for Slam Dunk, a being who falls in love and breaks hearts alike.

As you may have noticed, many anime works survive in popular culture not only because of their deep and complex plots but also because of their characters that dazzle the eyes. And it is that more than one person dreams of saying yamete kudasai to one of these beings in the middle of a narrow corridor, simply because that is how dreams are: they allow us to desire things as if there were some way to obtain them.

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