The popularity of Super Cub anime soars due to the animation effect How does it affect sales I asked Honda

I’m starting to want a license. I’ve been watching anime and now I want to ride a Super Cub again. I’m worried about buying a motorcycle because of my influence.

After the broadcast of the animation Super Cub, there have been a series of posts on SNS showing interest in the motorcycle Super Cub. Some people will report that they actually bought it. Did it affect the sales of motorcycles? I asked Honda. Cooperated and supervised by Honda The animation Super Cub has been broadcast since April 7, 2021. Based on the light novel of the same name.

catch copies a story of friendship between a lonely girl and the best bike in the world. It’s a story about a high school girl who spends her days in a hurry, and buying a used Super Cub will change her life. Honda, which sells the motorcycle, cooperates and supervises the vehicle design. As of May 26, up to 8 out of 12 episodes have been broadcast. According to the audience’s response using the SNS analysis tool Social Insight, the total number of tweets including Super Cub and Anime was about 150,000 from April 7th to May 25th. Looking at the contributors by age, the largest number was in their 20s at 49.9%. This was followed by those in their and teens. Frequently used words included positive impressions such as loose, interesting, and good and comments suggesting increased purchasing motivation, such as buy and want. On April 24th, a general Twitter user said, I think that if you ride a cub for those who buy a cub under the influence of the anime Super Cub, you will get the illusion that you can run forever, but you can really run forever. I found myself on a 2,000-kilometer trip around Kyushu, he posted, attracting attention with about 20,000 likes and sympathizing with him.

The number is increasing to 40,000 units a year.

The Super Cub was launched in 1958. Cumulative series production reached 100 million units in 2017, and it is gaining popularity both in Japan and overseas. On May 26, Honda’s public relations department aimed to make people who have never touched the understanding of the joy of expanding the world brought by Cub and motorcycles through animation in an interview with J-CAST News. He revealed that he cooperated with the animation. The sales status of the Cub series is We sold around 30,000 units a year, but the CT125 / Hunter Cub newly released in June 2008 With the introduction, the number of units has increased to 40,000 units a year. When asked about the effects of anime, he answered, I can’t answer about the impact on sales because the anime has just started. Currently, as a derivative model that proposes a rich bike life, not limited to business use, we have expanded the lineup such as the outdoor image cross cub, the personal commuter equipped with a 125cc engine, and pursuing higher quality, and the super cub C125. In addition, Honda’s rental motorcycle Honda GO Bike Rental has been very well received by customers. In addition, there are many customers who can rent the Super Cub 110 with pink coloring, and the popularity of the Super Cub is expanding. I feel it.

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