The author of the classic anime “Chibi Maruko-chan” and the voice actor both died from breast cancer, the idol Xicheng Hideki died from broadcasting the famous song mourning

On the third anniversary of the death of the top Japanese singer Xijo Hideki, he died of heart failure on May 16, 2018, at the age of 63. To commemorate Xijo Hideki, Fuji TV’s longevity animation “Chibi Maruko”, when the first episode of the broadcast ended yesterday, played the second-generation ending song “Run Honestly” released by Xijohide in 1991 without prior notice. The audience and netizens were also greatly moved.

Cherry Zitong, the original author of “Chibi Maruko”, died of breast cancer in August 2018 at the age of 53. Sakurako herself is also a loyal fan of Xijo Hideki, and Xiaomaruko’s sister Sakura Sachiko, who also likes Xijo Hideki in the story very much. Sakura Sachiko watched Nishijo’s performance in the animation from time to time and served as the first-generation voice for Sakura Sachiko. Yuko Mizutani also died of breast cancer on May 17, 2016. Today is the death of Yuko Mizutani. Naturally, the majority of “Little Maruko” fans have mixed feelings. As for TARAKO, who played Xiao Maruko, she left a message on her Twitter, saying that the voice actors of their group did not know about the broadcast schedule beforehand. She said she was proud of the love of the staff of “Little Maruko”.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Xicheng Xiushu’s death.

Xicheng Hideki sang the second-generation ending song “Run Honestly” for “Chibi Maruko” in 1991.

TARAKO said that she didn’t know about the broadcast schedule this time, and she was proud of the love of the staff of the “Small Maruko” team.

Today is the death bogey of Sakura Sachiko’s first-generation voice actor Yuko Mizutani.

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