First half anime satisfaction ranking! 3rd place “Odd Taxi,” 2nd place “My Hero Academia 5th term”, 1st place?

Tsumiki, which operates the movie, drama, and anime review service “Filmarks,” has announced each satisfaction ranking for the first half of 2021 based on the data in the service. In this article, we will introduce the “Anime Satisfaction (Score) Ranking” of the “Anime Satisfaction Ranking for the First Half of 2021”. Which anime was popular … Read more

My Hero Academia anime Oscure Rivelazioni Sul Passato Della Hero Society Nel Capitolo 314

While in the fifth season of the anime of My Hero Academia the confrontation between the students of classes 1-A and 1-B continues, in the special joint training session organized by the professors, in the manga Izuku Midoriya is facing a powerful opponent, able to put him in great difficulty, or the former Pro Hero … Read more

Different Large Title Anime Creators Exhibit Brings of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia was first delivered to the pages of Weekly Shonen Bounce as a manga association that wandered right into a recent out of the field new universe of superheroes and scalawags, and with its charging accomplishment in each print, TV, and movie, it’s totally nothing sudden to see that Kohei Horikoshi’s institution has … Read more