Star Comics Announces The Anime Makoto Shinkai Collection: 4 Incredible Works In One Box

Star Comics has announced a new exclusive box with four works from the most beloved feature films by Makoto Shinkai, director of Your Name and Weathering With You. The Collection, out in November in comics, bookstores, and online stores, will include The Garden of Words, 5 cm per second, La Voce Delle Stelle, and Weathering With You.” For over twenty years the master Makoto Shinkai has brought to life touching and timeless stories “, reads the press release of Star Comics, ” of those that remain forever etched in the hearts of the spectators and .of the readers of the manga adaptations taken from his animated films. In November, the box that collects some of these adorable works is coming, namely The Garden of Words, 5 cm per second, The Voice of the Stars, and Weathering With You. The Makoto Shinkai Collection will be available in the comic shop, bookshop, and store online. Relive the magic of the world created by the famous Japanese animation master! “.Makoto Shinkai was born in Nagano on February 7, 1973. From an early age, he shows a keen interest in everything related to manga, anime, and video games. In 1999 he produced his first animated short film in black and white, entitled Lei e il Gatto, thanks to which he won several prizes. Following the success he decides to focus on the world of animation, making La Voce Delle Stelle in 2001. He would later ring one hit after another, such as Children Chasing the Stars, Journey to Agartha, 5cm per second, and The Garden of Words. In 2016 he made Your Name, which made him famous all over the world. In 2019 it producesWeathering With You. Released in 140 countries, the feature is the 10th highest-grossing Japanese film of all time. In 2020, it won the Japan Academy Award for Best Animated Film, as well as other major awards, at home and abroad. The Makoto Shinkai Collection will be the perfect opportunity to enrich your collection with four timeless works, and soon the publisher will reveal new details including the price and appearance of the collector’s box.

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