“Stand My Heroes”, OVA production decision to appear Seo laboratory that was not drawn in TV animation

The Seo laboratory, which was not drawn in the TV anime, is finally here!
OVA production decision! !!

In the app game “Stand My Heroes” (iOS / Android) by coly Inc., it has been decided to produce an OVA in which Seo Lab will appear, which was not drawn in TV animation.

This time, the OVA was decided to be the map story of the “Seo Narumi Implementation Event” held in the game in April 2018. The heroes of the “Seo Laboratory” who pursue the hearts of very fragile and fragile people are finally starting to move with animation. A special movie will be released when the ban on OVA production is lifted! The result is that you can feel the story of Narumi Seo, a hero with a special memory disorder.

Please take this opportunity to look back on the TV anime “Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH”, which is currently being distributed at d anime store U-NEXT and others, and wait for the follow-up report of OVA production.

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Period: May 11th (Tuesday) -May 16th (Sunday), 2021
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