Pokemon’s classic anime “POKÉTOON” series 2nd protagonist is Pancham

Pokemon appeared in the animated short “of Pokemon POKÉTOON is”, YouTube channel ” Pokemon Kids TV is series of at”.

In addition to the released “Scraggy and Mimikyu” and “Yancham who wants to be a hero”, animations with various tastes will be released.

The second is “Yancham who wants to be a hero”

Naughty Pokemon Pancham was the focus of “Yancham I Want to Be a Hero” released on Children’s Day on May 5th.

The first appearance in the game ” Pokemon X and Y ” (2013). In the anime “Pokemon XY”, it was the heroine Serena’s handheld Pokemon.

In ” Yancham who wants to be a hero”, the figure of Yancham struggling to become a hero while having big trouble is drawn, longing for Windy who helped from the beloved who used to be a hero.

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