Pokémon: Brock’s 7 Most Brutal Rejections In The Anime, Ranked

It’s dubious if there’s another character more unfortunate in adoration than Brock. Here is a portion of his most fierce heartbreaks and dismissals!

Lovelorn Pokémon Breeder Brock has been getting dismissed by the ladies he turns out to be immediately captivated by since the primary Series of the Pokémon anime. For all his development and insight, seeing an excellent lady can send all reasonable ideas out the window as he gets devoured by the possibility of discovering love.

One would imagine that following 21 years, Brock would have had the option to discover a sweetheart. Albeit a few ladies have checked out him, it’s never entirely worked out. He’s piled up a reasonable few dismissals in that range of time, and some of them have been totally fierce.

7.Brock’s Breath Was His Downfall With Nurse Joy

In “Gotta Catch Ya Later,” a heart-peered toward Brock acquainted himself with Nurse Joy by asking: “Do you have faith in unexplainable adoration, or should I stroll past you once more?” He then, at that point entreated the dazed attendant to smell his breath, which he guaranteed was however new as she might have been. Attendant Joy’s answer slice directly deep down: “You may need a mint,” making Brock become blue and tumble to the ground.

6.Brock Was Completely Immasculated By Aya The Ninja

In “The Ninja Poké-Showdown,” Episode 32 of the first Series, Ash, Brock, and Misty made a beeline for Fuchsia Gym. At the point when Brock commended the outfit of Aya, the more youthful sister of Koga, the Fuchsia Gym Leader, and disclosed to her she looked stunning, she slapped his hand away and thumped him to the ground easily, then, at that point continued to converse with Ash and Misty while over and over driving her foot into Brock’s face like he was some poor canine.

5.Brock Tried To Flirt With Officer Jenny And Got Arrested

In “Very rarely,” Brock began playing with Officer Jenny, and her response was to bind and capture him. Obviously, this wasn’t the genuine explanation Brock was captured, however with a line like: “Your whistle resembles the melody of an excellent lovebird,” maybe it ought to have been. What the group was truly captured for was abusing Quagsire Preservation Restrictions, which kept individuals from catching or engaging Quagsire in Cherrygrove City.

4.Brock Was Rejected By His Tag Battle Partner For Being Too Young

Brock and Pokémon Trainer Holly were matched together in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition in the scene, “Tag! We’re It!” Brock couldn’t really accept that his karma to have been coordinated with Holly. He went to her and she inquired as to whether he needed to play “tag” with her.

Brock overdone it may be a little, yet Holly disclosed to him she wasn’t keen on more youthful men. Brock’s face then, at that point went white with ghastliness. Down the line, Holly fostered an appreciation for Brock on account of his fighting abilities, however, this first gathering was out and out a ruthless dismissal.

3.There Was Zero Romance Between Brock And Paris

In “Showing up in Style,” the 86th scene of the Diamond and Pearl Series, Brock wanted to intrigue Pokémon Stylist Paris by educating her that he arrived at the main four of the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition. The smooth Paris had perceived Ash as the victor of the opposition in the city and got out of her limousine to talk with him. With Croagunk prepared to hit with a Poison Jab to break Brock out of his lovestruck state, it turned out it wasn’t required, as Paris considerately educated Brock that she didn’t understand he was additionally in the opposition, which Brock’s Croagunk found comical.

2.Nurse Joy Gave Brock A Game Over Before He Even Started Playing

Brock, Ash, and Dawn tracked down an old, apparently void Pokémon Center at Valley Windworks. While Ash examined a baffling plate of food on a table, Brock was generally amped up for seeing Nurse Joy. At the point when she entered, Brock’s face lit up, yet the camera gradually panned down to show a wedding band on her correct hand. “Game over,” said a discouraged Brock. Dismissed without even a solitary word, it was over before it had even started.

1.Brock Was Close To Finding Love But Got Bumped For A Doctor

At the point when Temacu initially met Brock in “The Heartbreak of Brock,” she went totally gaga. He’d kept her from falling (in a real sense), and she was stricken to such an extent that she even said she’d be glad to take his last name.

As it ended up, Temacu would fall head over heels for any person who saved her, including James of Team Rocket and the specialist who really focused on her when she fell during a fight with Team Rocket. She would later wind up getting connected with to said specialist. Exactly when Brock, at last, discovered a lady who was keen on him, she proceeded to succumb to another person.

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