One of the best Guess Gaido in anime! What is the theme of “Made in Abyss”?

In anime and manga works, character popularity and topics tend to be biased toward the main character side and heroes. However, it is because of the existence of “shadows” that “light” looks bright and shining. The 12th installment of “Enemy Character Retsuden-Where is Their Aesthetics?”, Which focuses on enemy characters, approaches the charm of Bondold from “Made in Abyss “.

” Made in Abyss ” is a work that depicts “longing for the unknown.” Rico, one of the main characters embodies it. Having a legendary explorer like her mother, she has a deep quest for Oana Abyss, shows curiosity about everything, and is nimble and brave. It is a type that can be said to be the royal road of adventure drama. However, there is a person in this work who embodies that “longing” from a different angle. It’s Lord Dawn Bondold. He stands against Rico and Legs and is the partner of Nanachi’s ties, and is called “hard-core bastard” or “Guess Gaido” because of his brutal work. However, Bondold is more than just a junk villain, it’s an important role. Because his principle of action is also “a longing for the unknown.” Bondholder, who doesn’t think the real villain is evil, is one of the top “white flutes” of the explorer in this film. His achievements as a caveman were enormous, and he pioneered an inviolable route and set up a base that enables activities in the deep layers. Talk) ”is a person. Then, the synonym that came with it was “Sir Reimei.” Dawn means dawn. He is the one who has shined a light on the unknown world closed in the darkness. A very positive and beautiful nickname, he does not choose any means for purposes such as outrageous human experimentation and route development that is willing to destroy the environment. The invention of the “cartridge” probably shook the viewers and readers most during the work. This device, which sacrifices children and takes over the curse of Abyss’s ascending load, is groundbreaking and at the same time not a decent human thing. Moreover, such a brutal act is gently put into practice in a gentleman’s tone. From an objective point of view, Bondold is the incarnation of evil. However, he would not think so. He is not moving with the measure of good or evil, there is only a thorough inquisitive mind. It’s often said that the real bad guys don’t even feel that they’re evil, but Bondold is just that. However, it is also a fact that the history of the world has been pioneered by the person who had such a screw in his head. Transatlantic and the best in the world There is a lot of outrageous side to a person who has achieved Zhou for the first time or a great man who has overturned the conventional wisdom, such as a revolutionary. We are only following the path pioneered by such outrageous greats. In that respect, Bondold certainly deserves to be called “Sir Dawn” who brings the dawn. It can be said that the sense of this work, which names such a person a positive and hopeful synonym, deepens the theme of the whole work, “longing for the unknown”. Why did Bondold call Rico “a person on this side”? There are many impressive lines of Bondold, but the most important thing when thinking about the theme of this work is “You think I think” to Rico. It may be on this site all the time. ” Rico is a protagonist with an overflowing spirit of inquiry. You can grasp things calmly and enthusiastically in your research without having to worry about the unknown. Curiosity always outweighs fear in her mind. Rico, who was severely injured by poisoning her arm in the fourth layer, asks Leg to cut off her arm. And it was not the joint part of the elbow where the pain was relatively relieved, but the part where the affected part was barely specified. Nanachi later explained that it would be better to have the lower part of the elbow left, but Rico was thinking of continuing the adventure even when she was dying and severely ill. I am amazed at its mental strength. And Rico is very experimental. Even when he picks up the leg, he does a lot of research while he’s sleeping, and even hints that he’s experimenting with pain sensations. Rico is implementing a tactic that turns small animals into Otori in the third layer. At that time, Rico says, “I’m sorry” and then “I wanted to eat deliciously if possible.” Was the interest in what it tasted better than sacrificing a small life? Rico sacrifices small animals and Bondold sacrifices human children. The difference is huge. However, it can be said that the range of things that can be sacrificed is different. In a sense, Rico and Bondold are “to the unknown” in themselves. It is common in the attitude that they are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve “the longing of.” As Bondold says, Rico may be “on this site”. The protagonist, who has “longing” and “inquiry”, gives viewers and readers dreams and hopes. However, those “Made in Abyss” also depict the cruelty and harshness that “longing” leads. “Longing” is not always glittering.

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