My Hero Academia anime Oscure Rivelazioni Sul Passato Della Hero Society Nel Capitolo 314

While in the fifth season of the anime of My Hero Academia the confrontation between the students of classes 1-A and 1-B continues, in the special joint training session organized by the professors, in the manga Izuku Midoriya is facing a powerful opponent, able to put him in great difficulty, or the former Pro Hero Lady Nagant. Hired by All For One to capture Deku and thus give the Villain the chance to recover the One For All, Lady Nagant immediately showed herself a phenomenal sniper, even praised by the Pro Hero Snipe, and for how much the protagonist is successful to take her by surprise by exploiting the powers of the previous owners of her characteristic Quirk, the girl easily manages to free herself from his grip to immediately return to the attack, and share with Midoriya some very important information about the way of acting of the Hero Society. According to what was revealed by Lady Nagant, she would have decided to abandon her career as a Hero as the Commission for Public Safety would have entrusted her with secret missions in which she would have to murder people considered threats to society, from terrorist groups to small alliances. clandestine between Hero and Villain. Exhausted by those massacres, Lady Nagant tried to ask how useful they actually were, and the then chairman of the commission tried to corner her, receiving a deadly bullet in return .”I was so tired after killing so much, and it was all to preserve our false society. The society of superpowers is a daydream, seen through the glass that is rosy, but as thin as a sheet of paper. A fragile illusion. the audience gazes at the bright side, while the dark truth hits someone else. ” These are the words used by the Villain to describe her deep contempt for the Hero Society, thoughts that led her to go to the side of All For One. Recall that a fan has reconstructed in reality the faces of Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo, and we leave you at the release date and the forecast of chapter 315 of My Hero Academia.

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