Marvel writer accuses anime and manga industry of sexist and misogynistic

It seems that the rules are only applying to the western market.

Judgment and cancellation on social networks are always present in Marvel products. In comics and movies, great care is taken not to sexualize heroines, and the post-release scrutiny that evaluates the quality of the stories is impressive. Why isn’t the same thing happening with the manga, “the oriental cousin” from the comic?

The debate was opened by comics writer and television screenwriter Gerry Conway. The author launched a scathing criticism of the Japanese animated entertainment industry directly accusing it of being sexist and misogynistic. To illustrate his point, he attached the cover of the anime Dungeon Builder: The demon king’s labyrinth is a modern city !.

His point, it seems, was the double standard that exists in the criteria of broadcast in the United States. While in publishers like Marvel and DC there are “unwritten rules” for them to publish, the manga that is imported does not go through any of those filters.

“Manga and anime is misogynistic and sexist”
Here is the translation of the most controversial tweets that the comic book writer launched:

“American comic book artists are regularly criticized for the outrageously sexist treatment of women. But I rarely see comments about the rampant sexism and misogyny of the manga. And the manga is incredibly popular with younger readers. ” mentioned on his Twitter, Gerry Conway.

The Punisher comic book writer Vixen and Ms. Marvel continued with their ideas:

“Not to mention the rampant sexualization of manga by adolescent and pre-adolescent women in the media, which in the United States are mainly popular with younger readers. Do we ignore this because we are afraid to criticize non-Western cultural tropes?

Gerry Conway’s comments have opened a debate among the Marvel online community, so we only have to ask you one question: should manga and anime go through the same ethical scrutiny that comic now undergoes?

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