“Hello World” reveals the trailer for “I Want to Let You Know That I Love You” and will be released on June 11th

The love fantasy animation movie “Hello World” released a new “Like You” version trailer and poster today. On the day of May 20th, take another approach and use the action to confess, and explain to everyone how sweet it is to go to each other in a desperate way! The film will land in the theaters on June 11 to meet with audiences across the country.

You can give everything! The determination to save first love is ignited throughout

The movie “Hello World” tells the story of Kensho, an introverted male high school student living in Kyoto, who suddenly meets himself who has passed through 10 years later. The future honestly told him that she would soon fall in love with her classmate, Ruri, but she would suffer a major accident and be forced to be separated from him in the fireworks show afterward.

In the preview of this exposure, Jian Shu Zhishi and Hsing Hing Ruri met on campus. The two people with different personalities approached each other, wiping out the spark of love. But the unexpected arrival interrupted all the sweetness. In order to save his first love, the cowardly Jian Shu bravely stood up and challenged fate. With the belief that “Even if the world is destroyed, I would like to see you again”, he embarked on an adventure in the memory world intertwined with reality and virtual, and opened up a brand new world with Yi Ping Rong Li. Whether the two will have a happy ending also makes the audience look forward to it.

Moved you again! The desperate love has received rave reviews

In the simultaneously exposed posters, the male protagonist Jian Shu straightly and the female protagonist Yip Rongli looked at each other affectionately, with gentle but firm eyes, revealing the two people’s conviction and courage to fight against fate and go all-out toward each other. A few shooting stars in the pure blue sky pierced the sky, adding a touch of romance to the picture. The warm moonlight, with the sweet confession of “you, can’t fall in love alone, so let’s try it together”, poke the girl’s heart!

As the most touching Japanese love fantasy animation this summer, “Hello World” has also won the affirmation of countless viewers and fans. Since the film was finalized, the high-powered fantasy setting and reversal plot in the play have aroused many audiences’ expectations and discussions. In addition, the actor Jianshu Zhizheng has gone all out to save his first love, Ruri. The strong emotion of destiny confrontation also touched countless audiences: “I really eat this kind of love too much. No matter how time and space are transformed, how identities are transformed, you and I are the boys who blushed in the sunset. I have always liked you. It’s been ten years.” Another audience joked with emotion: “People who fall in love can really do everything, and they admire this kind of courage.” There are also audiences who have realized the power of love and commented: “This is what it is. A love story about two introverted nerds, with the blood of Japanese anime, can also bring the pure beauty of warmth to the audience!”

The movie “Hello World” was imported by China Film Group Corporation and distributed and translated by China Film Corporation. It will meet audiences in theaters across the country on June 11. I hope you can bring your heart-beating TA and witness the most not-to-be-missed fantasy love story in June.

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