FIGHTERS WILL BE DEPLOYED !, JC Staff’s new anime on Wakanim

New delirious series from the studio JC Staff, Les Combattants Seront Déployés arrives live from Japan on Wakanim from this Saturday.

On Wakanim too, it’s time to discover the new Japanese animated series of Spring. It starts this Sunday with the arrival live from Japan of the delirious series Les Combattants Seront Déployés! the first episode of which will be broadcast on April 4, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. before being available on-demand when you want it. The other episodes will arrive at the rate of one per week each Sunday.

In The Fighters Will Be Deployed, the secret society Kisaragi eventually conquered the world. In order not to have to send back the fighters who took part in this conquest, the criminal organization now intends to invade space in order to be able to all redeployed. They will send Agent # 6, an improved man, and the android Alice to a new world where he will quickly find himself at the head of a totally atypical small group to face a demonic army that also intends to control this. planet.

Bearing the original title of Sentōin, hakenshimasu! , Les Combattants Seront Déployés was born in the form of a novel imagined by author Natsume Akatsuki . Published online in 2012 on the Shōsetsuka ni narō site, it was noticed by publisher Kadokawa who decided to publish it as a series of Lights Novels adding drawings signed by Kakao Lanthanum from November. 2017. a manga adaptation drawn by Masaaki Kiasa was born in March 2018 in the magazine Monthly Comic Alive in Kadokawa. Still in the process of being published, it has also been released in the form of 6 volumes still unpublished in France.

Produced by JC Staff to whom we owe Food Wars! , Saiki Kusuo no Ψ nan or Dan Machi, the adaptation of The Fighters Will Be Deployed was directed by Hiroaki Akagi who has also just supervised the series Those Snow White Notes. The screenplay was written by Overlord screenwriter Yukie Sugawara. The character design was designed by Sota Suwa, key animator on Blood Lad. The music was composed by Masato Koda. The opening credits are performed by Itō Miku.

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