Episode 10 of Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song: Release Date

Undoubtedly, Vivy has won the respect of many people and now makes everyone wait anxiously to know what is to come. Therefore, we certainly have to talk about Episode 10 of Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song: Release Date! What will be Vivy’s next mission that returns to us ??

  • In the beginning, we see Antonio explaining the reason why he overlapped his programs with Ophelia’s, which would be because she has a mission of great responsibility and is still a little girl; Matsumoto questions why he wants to kill her again, but he doesn’t answer and a robot appears, like Antonio;
  • We return to Kakitan, who says he waited 40 years for this meeting, he activates a logical bullet stuck in Diva’s body to make her return to being Vivy;
  • She asks why, and for some flashbacks, we found that there was a certain similarity in what Vivy and her piano teacher said, besides him, in childhood he wished for the extinction of AIs, which was in agreement with the ideals from Took, but both made him change his mind;
  • Now he asks Vivy to explain the reason for his life since he even robotized his own body to find her;
  • Matsumoto arrives and frees Diva, helping her to escape from there, so they start hand-to-hand combat, with the help of some Matsu cubes, meanwhile, Antonio activates the electronic war program and also fights against Matsumoto;
  • Diva’s partner concludes that, by an extravagant calculation, Antonio decided to cut off his partner, and Matsumoto says he almost did it with Vivy;
  • Anyway, Ophelia and Antonio end up destroyed on the ground, and Kakitani says that she is an AI that brings unhappiness and dies;
  • Diva teaches her last time while talking to Vivy in her mind; then, at the end of the song, Diva disappears, and Vivy returns.

Episode 10 of Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song: Release Date

Then, on May 29, 2021, Funimation Premium will broadcast the next episode of Vivy, later, on June 5, she will have it in her catalog for us to watch for free.

In addition, we will attach a timer with the time remaining for the approximate time of the release of this incredible anime:

After that, we will direct you to Funimation through this link to see Episode 10 of Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song. However, you can also watch Subanimes for free.

In short, this is the information about this episode, which is leading us to the end of this cour de Vivy. Consequently, it is your time to say what you are thinking about this sci-fi anime and what are the expectations for the tenth episode! Tell us in the comments or on our social networks right after Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bai bai !!

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