Dragon Ball Super anime reveals the color of Granolah’s aura, much to the disappointment of fans

Many expected a tone that brings back great memories and yet they have come across another one from quite recent

” Dragon Ball Super ” left us yesterday with chapter 72 of his manga, which introduced the first encounter between Vegeta and Goku with the figure of Granolah. Both Saiyans soon realized that they had before them a rival of enormous power, which demonstrated it in various ways. One of these was unleashing his energy aura … whose color has now been officially revealed.

It should be noted that the red tone of Granolah’s aura could not be definitive, and as some fans have mentioned, it could have been used merely to generate the contrast with Goku’s SSJ Blue. In fact, in the same way, there are many others who have expressed their disappointment at the tone of Granolah’s aura, since they very much wanted another iconic color for the franchise: green.

Since Granolah’s hair color was confirmed to be precisely green, many assumed that his aura would be similar to Broly’s. However, ultimately the Celerian maintains a tone already exposed not too long ago by Jiren, which on the other hand has given rise to a small theory: that both Jiren and Granolah have unlocked a ki class only accessible to those who transcend the deadly barrier but that, however, do not reach divine energy naturally.

It is obvious that given the artificial nature of Granolah’s power there may still be many questions to be answered. At the end of the day, as we have pointed out, this time is only the first in which we have seen the character give free rein to his power since he acquired it through the two-ball Shenron. Something that, on the other hand, has already been enough to identify a curious style of combat that, in more ways than one, is similar to what we see with a particular clan of “Naruto”.

With “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 73 set to see the light of day in the coming month, luckily we won’t have to wait too long to discover more of the powers and energies of the mysterious Granolah. So we will see what Toyotaro and Toriyama decide to surprise us with at this interesting point in the story.

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