Digimon Adventure: This is the anime power ranking of the Chosen Children’s Digimon Adventure

Over generations, Digimon animes have offered us epic adventures at the hands of the Chosen Children and their formidable creatures.

All of the beasts we’ve seen in this franchise are amazing and feature fascinating digivolutions, but only a few can be considered truly unique. That is why we have brought you this ranking with the 10 Digimon of the most powerful Chosen Children that we have seen to date.

8. Wormmon (Ken Ichijouji)

Wormmon is a larva-type Digimon and appeared in Digimon Adventure 02 as Ken Ichijouji’s sidekick. Although the evolutionary potential of this creature is reduced to a couple of digivolutions, thanks to the care and training received by Ken, Wormmon can become the powerful Stingmon, an extremely fast warrior who can fly, as well as a specialist in body attacks. to body.

7. Impmon (Ai and Makoto)

Impmon was first seen in Digimon Tamers, and although he was initially introduced as a vagrant creature, he soon found the friendship and nurturing of the brother’s Ai and Makoto. It was when Impmon arrived with these children that he was able to achieve the digivolution of Beelzemon, a dark Digimon expert in handling firearms.

6. Shoutmon (Taiki Kudo)

The first time we saw Shoutmon was in the anime Digimon Xros Wars as a partner of the protagonist of the series: Taiki Kudo. This dragon-type Digimon turned out to be quite aggressive and therefore unpredictable. By digivolving in Shoutmon X5S, this being is able to handle strong attacks with his sword, the product of his immeasurable physical strength.

5. Gabumon (Matt Ishida)

We met Gabumon in the first anime of the franchise, Digimon Adventure, and for many years he has been Matt Ishida’s partner. His canine appearance from when he is a baby to reaching his maximum digivolution has been a constant, in addition to being responsible for that threatening profile. Like MetalGarurumon this creature can fly and launch destructive missiles from its body.

4. Terriermon (Willis)

Although we have seen different Terriermon in the various anime that the franchise has, the one that belongs to Willis is exclusive to the movie Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown. In appearance it is a very cute little beast, but as it digivolves its destructive power only increases. The most powerful transformation of this Terriermon is Rapidmon, a warrior specialized in firearms and all kinds of bombs.

3. Patamon (TK Takaishi)

From its appearance, TK’s Digimon can appear quite weak, although the reality is that this Chosen Child’s Patamon is one of the creatures with the greatest potential in the entire franchise. Not only did he end up, turned into MagnaAngemon, with Apocalypmon, Digimon Adventure’s main antagonist, but his presence has spread to other anime and movies in the series.

2. Renamon (Rika Nonaka)

Renamon, even in his base state, is one of the most powerful Digimon that we have seen as companions of the Chosen Children, which is because Rika is a very demanding trainer. His most powerful digivolution is Sakuyamon, a state in which the transformation is due to the fusion he performs with Rika’s body and spirit. His specialty is hand-to-hand fighting.

1.V-mon (Davis Motomiya)

V-mon, Davis Motomiya’s companion in Digimon Adventures 02 is one of the most powerful creatures in this Universe due to his multiple transformations. Also, this being is capable of reaching the formidable Digivolution of Magnamon; He can also merge with Wormmon to become the absurdly powerful Paildramon.

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