3rd Season BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Pico Mini Anime Gets

The live-streamed “BanG Dream! Young ladies Talk Party! 2021” occasion declared on Sunday that BanG Dream! Young ladies Band Party! Pico, the scaled-down anime of the BanG Dream! Young ladies Band Party! game application is getting a third season named BanG Dream! Young ladies Band Party! Pico Fever! The staff will declare the transmission debut date and different subtleties later.

The main period of the small-scale anime debuted in July 2018 inside the BanG Dream! Television assortment program. It likewise spilled on the BanG Dream! Channel on YouTube. The subsequent season, BanG Dream! Young ladies Band Party!☆PICO ~OHMORI~ (imagined right), debuted on May 7, 2020 on the BanG Dream! Television LIVE 2020 stream on BanG Dream! Channel on YouTube and Periscope.

The first cell phone game dispatched in Japan in March 2017, and the English form dispatched worldwide in April 2018. The Nintendo Switch rendition will make a big appearance on September 16.

Bushiroad dispatched the BanG Dream! media project in January 2015, and the organization shaped the Poppin’ Party band for the venture in February 2015.

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