35th anniversary since the anime end of the series Gundam Model Kits Who is your favorite character in the masterpiece Plamo-Kyoshiro that played a part in the boom

Plamo-Kyoshiro by Koichi Yamato and the craft team serialized in Comic BomBom from 1982 to 1986. It is a pioneering work that combines plastic model production and battle manga, and many examples based on actual plastic models have appeared. It played a part in the so-called ” Gundam model boom”.

Even now, just 35 years after the serialization was completed, there are still many strong fans, and the favorite edition and paperback edition have been published, and the drama on May 21st. The popularity of the original Gunpla “Perfect Gundam III Red Warrior” that appeared inside has never diminished, with pre-orders starting at Premium Bandai. So this time, we will introduce 7 characters from the characters that appear in “Plamo-Kyoshiro”. Who is your favorite character?

Shiro Kyoda

Shiro Kyoda is the main character of the main story. I love making plastic models of robot anime such as Gundam, and I am a fifth-grader who is nicknamed “Koushiro” after his real name. By being invited by the manager of my favorite model store, I jumped into the world of plastic model simulation. As a beginner modeler who couldn’t even hide the seams, many would have been looking forward to seeing him grow with each passing. In addition, the “Perfect Gundam” series, which is the original Gunpla he produced, received a great deal of attention when it was serialized. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the origin of the spirit of “Gundam model can be made with any free idea” that will lead to the animation “Build Fighters” series in later years.

Tadashi Kurata

Tadashi Kurata is the manager of the model shop “Craft Man” and is a master character who led Shiro Kyoda to the world of modelers. Maybe some people thought, “I want such an older brother or father.” In the final episode, the model shop was closed, but in the work after inheriting the world view, the model shop was opened again.

Ken Maruyama

Ken Maruyama is Shiro Kyoda’s best friend and biggest rival. The feature was that he always wore camouflage uniforms. In the middle of the story, he moves to the United States due to his father’s circumstances, but he stands in front of Shiro as a rival again. The friendship and battle between the two were one of the pillars of the story.

Koichi Kida

Koichi Kida is a close friend of Shiro Kyoda, like Ken Maruyama. At first, he was a rival, but as the story progresses, he will establish a support position for Shiro. Due to studying for entrance exams and promises with parents, it will hardly appear in the latter half of the main story, but in the sequel “Plamo-Kyoshiro 1999”, it reappeared as a member of society.

Akira Yamane

Akira Yamane is a character who appeared as the leader of the model group “Plastic Model Empire Empire”. For a while after its first appearance, it had exposed its hostility to Shiro, but after playing against Shiro at the plastic model training camp, it became a reassuring ally. However, even after becoming a friend, the rivalry of “I want to beat Shiro” did not disappear, and I sometimes challenged the game and won.

Sucky Takeda

Sucky Takeda is an American and second-generation Japanese-American genius modeler. Although he was blessed with a natural talent, he has a strong desire to reveal himself and has an arrogant and selfish personality. Throughout the entire story, he became the strongest and worst enemy and stood in front of Shiro, such as fighting against Shiro’s Perfect Gundam and making full use of the perfect zeong with legs. Perfect Zeong is also known to have been later adopted as the official setting for the Gundam series.

Hito Gangwon

Hito Ehara is a character who is a cousin of Shiro Kyoda and is the main character of the hobby battle manga Hobby Boy Hito-Kun that was originally serialized in the children’s TV magazine. In this work, it appeared from the extra edition Koushiro VS Hito. Also, in the sequel New Plamo-Kyoshiro, it has been promoted to a regular character. So far, we have picked up and introduced the seven characters that appear in Plamo-Kyoshiro. In addition to this, many attractive characters such as strong enemies who fought against Shiro will appear. Who is your favorite character?

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