10 episodes of the anime “Shaman King”, “BoZ” appeared with a gorgeous production.

TV anime ” Shaman King” Episode 10 is, I thought, and …… draw leaves our appearance to quietly spend the month of up to finals held, such a sad air than first only, bustling to everyone gathered, after all, You were spending time. However, this is a very important scene, and as Manta feels, it was expressed that “just spending the same time in the same place, you can understand each other little by little.”

We have many communication methods today, but these are important for mutual understanding. Especially now that the number of people who work remotely has increased, many people may be aware of this. “Shaman King” will continue to portray many of these direct communications. I feel that the message of the original author, Hiroyuki Takei, is tightly packed in the casual scene. By the way, the highlight of this time is probably the existence of BoZ (horizontal bar or macron above O) (Bose). Both the visuals and the naming are puns on parade, but this is one of the real thrills of Takei’s work! And this time, he has prepared a new song for them, so King Records is hungry! Looking back, in the 5th episode of the anime “Over-Soul!”, There was a hateful production that the previous anime version theme song was played at the climax, and I think many people were paying attention to what would happen, but it was a surprising result! Kishō Taniyama (Zen Yoneda) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki ( Tatsuhisa Suzuki ) are in charge of the voices of the two units. Ryo Sugimoto ). Both of them are famous actors who are not pushed, and they are the best people who have a good reputation for singing ability. The author was very excited about the content that he was involved in producing before, and he was very much indebted to Mr. Taniyama for many years! !! By the way, this BoZ is a former monk who dreamed of being the world’s first monk artist and worked hard on music training. When he first became a member of Hao, he called himself BOOWZ (diagonal line on the second O), and he seemed to improve his musicality while devoting himself to TACK-HATZ every day (“Shaman King Zero”). From Volume 1). After all, it was a pun parade … (laughs)

What is the feeling of Lotus who decided to “beyond his father”?

By the way, BoZ has various habits, but it must be a member of Hao, and both the leaves and the tamao are in trouble. That’s where Ryunosuke Umemiya, also known as the “Dragon of the Wooden Sword,” appeared. You may not have noticed it because it’s so strong, but in fact, he hasn’t appeared since he went to Manta and Izumo! It makes Tokagero a spirit, and it is a shaman. Unexpected development of returning after qualifying to participate in the fight main race! He told Manta that it was Ali who said that his “coolness” was the best and became a shaman, but he did that. It’s a mass of behavioral power, or actually a man with bones. How he became a shaman should be drawn soon. Let’s look forward to it. Last but not least is the episode of Tao Ren that has been told over the last few episodes. We are finally approaching the essence. Through his encounter with the leaves, Lotus acknowledged his mistake. However, no matter how much I reflect on it, the lives I have killed will not come back. Even if you die, it doesn’t take responsibility just by choosing an easy path and running away. So he decides to stick to his desire to change the world. However, the meaning is different now. Until now, the idea was “I hate all human beings, I hate the Michiya who made me think so, so destroy them all!” “Structure” has changed from hating to creating a world where it disappears. ” The decisive hit was that I got a peach bun on the train. Lotus is only educated to grudge as “all humans are hateful enemies who have driven Michiya”, so there are many reasons to reach the obvious conclusion that “humans are not so dirty”. The will of the lotus who escaped from the state close to brainwashing by himself is tremendous. Both Jun and Lotus have a demon-like mentality. And I’m convinced that I need to defeat my wrongly educated father in order to make sure that my future life is not tied to the Daojia. This is the story structure of “beyond XX”, and here it is “the story of a child who exceeds his father”. It will definitely be a hot development, so I’m looking forward to the next time! In this way, we can see that episode 10 was a time packed with important elements. We will continue to keep an eye on the development, but first of all, we watched over Lotus’ father. Today! That’s all for today. I look forward to working with you next time! (C)Hiroyuki Takei・ Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project. ・ TV TOKYO ● Tashiro Hayato A founding member of the beautiful girl game brand “age”, he has been a scenario, director, and director for a long time. Representative works are the “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien” series and the “Muv-Luv” series. Currently active as a freelancer. He participates in the 20th-anniversary project of “Shaman King” because of his old relationship with Hiroyuki Takei.

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